Challenger’s Aide Changes – My Thoughts


Let's face it, for a game that has the potential of being an awesome PvP-based game, TERA has been struggling pretty bad to get players involved. One of their best attempts yet is to introduce the Battlegrounds system, where players can take part in PvP when they want, but avoid it at any other time. But the main selling point of these is the rewards that they offer.


EME had it right in the beginning: give both sides some reward, simply give the winners of the matches the longer stick. Allowing both to obtain the same items, but with the losers getting them at a much lower rate, was the perfect balance. After-all, you're having to rely on tons of other players during the Battlegrounds as well. No matter how good you are, if your team isn't, you still lose.


With the 12/04/12 update, the most disheartening thing to read was this:


The tier 14 items have been removed from challenger’s aide, the losers’ box from the battlegrounds, and have been replaced by greater charms.


Don't get me wrong, I do get where they're coming from with this change. I just think it should bean altered version of how it was before. Many players were only doing PvP for the T14 rewards, and taking that away from the losing matches only kills the desire for more players to take part.


I do not think that they should have a high rate of being obtained; I simply think there should be at least some chance of still getting them. In my case, I'll still be taking part just to have small breaks while doing other things, but now that the carrot is gone there's no more reason to keep chasing it.